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Industrial waste management

There are three types of industrial waste:

  • Hazardous Waste or HW is polluting or toxic waste, they incude; paint cans, glue tubes, thinner bottles, some asbestos waste, etc.
  • Non-hazardous Waste or NHW is of the same nature as household waste: Polyester, wood, cement and lime sacks, plaster, cardboard, some plastics, rubbers, metals and scraps of electrical wires...
  • Inert Industrial Waste is non-polluting. They include; rubble, bricks, cement, mortar or concrete bases, stones and natural soil, glass, tiles and ceramics...

Hazardous waste is risky for both the population and the environment. They are subject to special precautions. This includes:

  • Devices containing PCBS and PCTS
  • Obsolete or residual chemicals: paint cans, oils, batteries, filters, etc.
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), print cartridges, batteries and accumulators;
  • Fluorinated gases, mineral oils and whole used synthetics;
  • Medical waste (infectious medical waste and drugs);
  • Waste from agricultural supplies (unused plant protection products and used chemical personal protective equipment):
  • End of life vehicles
  • Oil sludge and polluted soil

Our job is to identify, sort, transport, recycle or dispose of the waste in accordance with regulations.
Waste management today is a matter of expertise. It is a question of adapting to new rules and being able to respond scientifically to this new situation.
Faced with the increasing volume of waste, regulations have gradually evolved. Landfill is limited to final waste, i.e. waste that can no longer be recycled either for its energy content or for agriculture.

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The management of industrial waste is an environmental necessity
... which responds to a demand for sustainable development.

Industrial cleaning and sanitation

Does your company have needs in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance, but you don't know which solution to choose?
We can help you identify your cleaning needs and draw up specifications for an accurate quote.

SECA attaches enormous importance to safety and impeccable hygiene within a production environment. Its long-standing experience in cleaning production lines enables it to work preventively or on a daily basis. We help you find innovative solutions and contribute to the optimization of your maintenance processes.

As a cleaning professional in the industrial environment, we regularly intervene in the treatment of industrial tanks. We provide our clients with a reactive and adapted service in order to deal with any problems that may surface on the tanks as quickly as possible.

As a matter of fact, industrial tanks are heavily used to store materials. The constraints they face are mainly related to wear and tear.

Be it in the petrochemical, brewing or other sectors, tanks play a central role in the storage and/or transformation process. Liquids or materials stored in tanks for varied periods of time impose constraints that can lead to tank degradation due to overuse. By alternating the properties of the tanks, the risks generated downstream for your activity are significant (denaturation of raw materials).

Our job is to increase the storage performance of your tanks through our Ultra High Pressure technologies for cleaning tanks, cisterns and balloons.

Each industrial site has its appropriate solution for depollution, recycling and recovery of waste. Thanks to a modern technological portfolio, SECA masters the great diversity of pollutants that require a specific approach during which we identify the processes that meet discharge standards, maximum safety, operating costs and footprint.

Emptying the septic tank or water evacuation is carried out by a professional. It is part of our maintenance operations, such as the cleaning of pipes and their maintenance.

We also have an amphibious excavator that can cross areas such as swamps, lakes, channels, ditches and wetlands without difficulty, and this is also used in submerged works especially in specific operations such as:

  • Maintain channels and canals;
  • Cleaning and dredging canals;
  • Curing and digging lagoons, especially in industrial sites;
  • Building dams;
  • Filling in drainage ditches;
  • Creating biotopes or ponds;
  • Carrying out handling operations;
  • Carrying out excavation operations;
  • Carrying out earthworks;
  • Carrying out dumping operations;
  • Preparing levelling operations;
  • Protecting banks;
  • Restoring dikes;
  • Developing natural sites;
  • Developing crossings;
  • Developing watering points;
  • Creating rainwater collection points;
  • Removing piles and rubble;
  • Enhancing the soil;
  • Enhancing woods and green areas;
  • Combating invasive plants and vegetation in areas that are difficult to access;
  • Restoring hydraulic works.

Our amphibious excavator meets the requirement to move around and carry out specific tasks while respecting the natural balance and ecosystems of the wetlands.

Designed to stay stable in these particularly moving environments, the excavator is equipped with additional pontoons for better flotation and controllable anchoring feet.

Removal or excavation operations can be carried out at the bank, using a bucket, or in water areas, through partial submersion of the excavator for dredging or cleaning operations for example.

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Industrial cleaning and sanitation are significant components in ...
... environmental protection and health protection.

Vector control

Do you want to get rid of pathogens, insects, parasites, snakes, rats and mice once and for all?
SECA offers you effective long-term solutions.

SECA's objective in this field is to contribute, alongside other public health actions, to minimise the risks of compensation or epidemics, to reduce the transmission of pathogens by vectors, to manage vector-borne disease epidemics, all within a formalised strategic framework

In order to be effective and sustainable, insecticide vector control must be based on the alternate use of substances with different modes of action to limit the development of insecticide resistance.

Don't let these pests spoil the pleasant environment of your estates. Enjoy peace of mind thanks to the assistance of a professional pest control team. We offer our professional clients a fast and discreet service, adapted to their working hours. We offer our professional customers a fast, discreet service, adapted to the hours of their activity.
Our teams have specialised in rodent control interventions in professional environments such as restaurants and hotels, which are particularly susceptible to rodents and undesirable insects.


Plants need care when they are attacked by insects or diseases. Phytosanitary treatments are medicines for plants.
SECA takes all phytosanitary treatments into account during vector control: crops, lawns, flower beds and trees, food stocks and wood, in order to reduce the development of the numerous diseases that plants can suffer from.
Phytosanitary treatments can be carried out once or several times a year.
Our professionals diagnose the areas concerned, then they apply effectively and in a reasoned manner the appropriate treatment with organic products, fertilisers and organic amendments.

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Industrial cleaning and sanitation are significant components in ...
Protect man and his resources against parasites and pests.

Maintenance of green areas

Do you want to get rid of insects, parasites, rats and mice once and for all? SECA offers you effective long-term solutions.

We carry out several tasks in the context of garden maintenance or private or public spaces (parks, sports grounds, etc.): mowing, hedge, shrub and tree pruning, maintenance of flowerbeds, weeding, digging, cleaning paths and terraces, collecting dead leaves, transplanting, tutoring, etc.

We have developed expertise that enables us to work in all public or private spaces: parks, gardens, terraces, green areas, waterways, historical or leisure sites, head offices and company or administrative buildings, road spaces... From doing the studies to doing the gardening, our teams work with you from the design to the completion phase of your landscaping project and in its day-to-day maintenance.
Our job is to help you make the right choices for creating and maintaining your green areas on a daily basis.

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Beautify the public space
While preserving the balance of ecosystems in urban areas.
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