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2024, a golden year!!!

Placed under the emblem of innovation, it marks a radical turnaround in Seca's activities. After 5 decades dedicated to environmental protection through the management of hazardous or non-hazardous industrial waste: sanitation; industrial cleaning; vector control and the maintenance of green spaces, Seca is aligned with the new needs of its customers in terms of traffic savings. The waste recovery component has been integrated into our activities in order to give a second life to waste and to best preserve the environment. To do this, a multi-line processing center was set up in Douala to process waste paper, plastics and cocoa husks. Continuing in the same vein, a fecal sludge treatment center is operational in Edea to ensure a second use for recoverable petroleum waste. However, it should be emphasized here that our approach is not limited to industrialists alone, but also to strengthen our links with decentralized local authorities with whom we have excellent relationships for the management of cleaning sites and calibration of construction works. sanitation, vector control in public spaces and local communication to induce change in population behavior. These large-scale projects will strengthen Seca's positioning on the local market as a leader in its sectors. But also remind all the soldiers of cleanliness that in 50 years, we have worked hard to deserve our status as leader, and today more than ever, we must preserve this spark.


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